Intergation application (Bitrix24 and Google sheets)

One of our clients had a request for Bitrix24 – Google Sheets integration and synchronization. Company’s regional managers used to keep the inventory records in Google Sheets, putting in the items list along with its IDs and prices at the particular POS. The Sheet is analyzed with Google Data Studio. The company also used Google Workspace tools which they preferred to keep using.

The challenge was to sync the data with Bitrix24 so it can be referred to from the CRM company form.

We created an app for Google Workspace that would integrate Bitrix24 and a Google Drive. The app adds a tab (“Items”) in the Company form in B24 which contains related framed Google Sheet. If there is no data found for this Company, it is being created as per defined template. 

Eventually the company now can engage with a client and have data access in a single window mode in Bitrix24, can have discretionary data access control based on companies’ responsible persons in CRM and still perform Google Data Studio business analytics for Google Sheets data.

This type of app would suit for both cloud and on-premise Bitrix24 version, might be framed to any CRM entity: Contact, Company, Lead, Deal, Task, Lists or Group or might be integrating Bitrix24 to Google Drive (Google Docs, Google Sheets), Data Studio, Google Calendar    

Google Sheet интеграция в Битрикс24