BITRIX24 implementation methology and business processes automation

Методология внедрения битрикс24


We are dealing with clients' business challenges, and not just selling software licences. Hence we use a multistage implementation methodology.

The ICONIX process is a proprietary software development methodology based on UML.  It’s minimal, use case driven, and agile. The process focuses on the area that lies in between use cases and code. Its emphasis is on what needs to happen at that point in the life cycle where you’re starting out: you have a start on some use cases, and now you need to do good analysis and design.

Before beginning the ICONIX process there needs to have been some requirements analysis done. From this analysis use cases can be identified, a domain model produced and some prototype GUIs made.

Once use cases have been identified, text can be written describing how the user and system will interact. A robustness analysis is performed to find potential errors in the use case text, and the domain model is updated accordingly. The use case text is important for identifying how the users will interact with the intended system. They also provide the developer with something to show the Customer and verify that the results of the requirements analysis were correct.

During this stage of the ICONIX process the domain model and use case text from milestone 2 are used to design the system being built. A class diagram is produced from the domain model and the use case text is used to make sequence diagrams.

Unit tests are written to verify the system will match up to the use case text, and sequence diagrams. Finally code is written using the class and sequence diagrams as a guide.